We are very author-centric in our dealings, and are determined to do the best to help the auther share their research to the world. We understand that your manuscript is your most prized possession, and that how important it is for you to see it get published and out in the market.Here’s a quick list which entails this determination and understanding that makes us stand out in the crowd.

  • Editing

    As certain as any author has been, yet editing is the most crucial part of the publication. At PaperMint Publication internationale, we offer services by highly skilled professional editors for your book in order to make your content error proof.

  • Copyright

    Its just your name all over this most essential right to safeguard and ensure that there is no possible imitation or plagiarism of your content. You wont be required to share The income or credit associated with the content stays with you.

  • Contract

    your right on your book ! We believe you enjoy all the rights to the content since its your book and we offer you with all the advantages to owning this right. With our contract we make this happen.

  • Pro Design

    In the rat race of publication, in order to catch attention in the highly competitive literature market, we provide you the opportunity to either be an artist for your book yourself, or we can arrange for amazing designers for your manuscript to your satisfaction.

  • Transparency

    It is of absolute importance that the author is aware of each proceedings during publication to have full surveillance and control the significant final result as one desires. We stay strong to our words and our commitments and do all that we promise to keep you well acquainted of the progress

  • High End Print Quality

    we believe in quality at each junction in the process of the publication of your esteemed book. we also offer you with the best options available for print.

  • Marketing Assistance

    we believe as a good content must reach masses at the earliest and as much as we consider getting published for you is almost half the battle won; with the marketing support pertaining to the effective promotion, we sure help you win he significant half of your war too !

  • 100% Profit

    ONE HUNDRED PERCENT ! We sure know what all it takes to author a book and that the author deserves for the same so we at PaperMint Publication Internationale are proud to be able to offer our authors 100% profit from all the sales proceeds.

  • Price Control

    We offer the authors the estimate range suitable for the market price of your book and give you the freedom to decide on the scale.

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